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WebAppMgrProxy Class Reference

#include <WebAppMgrProxy.h>

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void signalKeyEventRejected (const SysMgrKeyEvent &event)
void signalAppLaunchPreventedUnderLowMemory ()
void signalLowMemoryActionsRequested (bool allowExpensive)

Public Member Functions

bool connected ()
void onDisconnected ()
virtual ~WebAppMgrProxy ()
void sendAsyncMessage (PIpcMessage *msg)
PIpcChannel * getIpcChannel () const
void sendQueuedMessages ()
void closeWindow (Window *w)
void launchUrl (const char *url, WindowType::Type winType=WindowType::Type_Card, const char *appDesc="", const char *procId="", const char *params="", const char *launchingAppId="", const char *launchingProcId="")
void relaunchApp (const char *procId, const char *params, const char *launchingAppId, const char *launchingProcId)
std::string appLaunch (const std::string &appId, const std::string &params, const std::string &launchingAppId, const std::string &launchingProcId, std::string &errMsg)
std::string appLaunchModal (const std::string &appId, const std::string &params, const std::string &launchingAppId, const std::string &launchingProcId, std::string &errMsg, bool isHeadless, bool isParentTypePdk)
std::string launchBootTimeApp (const char *appId)
std::string launchNativeApp (const ApplicationDescription *desc, const std::string &params, const std::string &launchingAppId, const std::string &launchingProcId, std::string &errMsg)
void inputEvent (Window *win, Event *e)
void inputQKeyEvent (Window *win, QKeyEvent *event)
void focusEvent (Window *win, bool focused)
void resizeEvent (Window *win, int newWidth, int newHeight, bool resizeBuffer=false)
void uiDimensionsChanged (int width, int height)
void setOrientation (OrientationEvent::Orientation orient)
OrientationEvent::Orientation orientation () const
void setGlobalProperties (int key)
void inspect (const char *procId)
void clearWebkitCache ()
void setJavascriptFlags (const char *flags)
void enableDebugger (bool enable)
void performLowMemoryActions (const bool allowExpensive=false)
void postShutdownEvent ()
void notifyCompassEnabled (bool enabled)
void serviceRequestHandler_listRunningApps (bool includeSysApps)
void emitCopy (Window *win)
void emitCut (Window *win)
void emitPaste (Window *win)
void emitSelectAll (Window *win)
void suspendWebKitProcess ()
void resumeWebKitProcess ()
void onReturnedInputEvent (const SysMgrKeyEvent &event)
- Public Member Functions inherited from IpcClientHost
 IpcClientHost ()
 IpcClientHost (int pid, const std::string &name, PIpcChannel *channel)
virtual ~IpcClientHost ()
void windowDeleted (Window *w)
virtual void relaunch (char *const argv[])
virtual void replaceWindowKey (Window *win, int oldKey, int newKey)
int pid () const
std::string name () const
bool hasWindows () const

Static Public Member Functions

static void setAppToLaunchUponConnection (char *app)
static WebAppMgrProxyconnectWebAppMgr (int pid, PIpcChannel *channel)
static WebAppMgrProxyinstance ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Types inherited from IpcClientHost
typedef std::map< int, Window * > WindowMap
typedef std::set< Window * > WindowSet
- Protected Slots inherited from IpcClientHost
void slotMaximizedCardWindowChanged (Window *w)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from IpcClientHost
virtual void onAddWindow (int key)
virtual void onRemoveWindow (int key)
virtual void onSetWindowProperties (int key, const std::string &winProps)
virtual void onFocusWindow (int key)
virtual void onUnfocusWindow (int key)
virtual WindowfindWindow (int key) const
- Protected Attributes inherited from IpcClientHost
int m_pid
int m_processPriority
std::string m_name
WindowMap m_winMap
WindowSet m_winSet
WindowSet m_closedWinSet
bool m_clearing
GSource * m_idleDestroySrc

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

WebAppMgrProxy::~WebAppMgrProxy ( )

Member Function Documentation

std::string WebAppMgrProxy::appLaunch ( const std::string &  appId,
const std::string &  params,
const std::string &  launchingAppId,
const std::string &  launchingProcId,
std::string &  errMsg 
std::string WebAppMgrProxy::appLaunchModal ( const std::string &  appId,
const std::string &  params,
const std::string &  launchingAppId,
const std::string &  launchingProcId,
std::string &  errMsg,
bool  isHeadless,
bool  isParentTypePdk 
void WebAppMgrProxy::clearWebkitCache ( )
void WebAppMgrProxy::closeWindow ( Window w)

Reimplemented from IpcClientHost.

bool WebAppMgrProxy::connected ( )
WebAppMgrProxy * WebAppMgrProxy::connectWebAppMgr ( int  pid,
PIpcChannel *  channel 
void WebAppMgrProxy::emitCopy ( Window win)
void WebAppMgrProxy::emitCut ( Window win)
void WebAppMgrProxy::emitPaste ( Window win)
void WebAppMgrProxy::emitSelectAll ( Window win)
void WebAppMgrProxy::enableDebugger ( bool  enable)
void WebAppMgrProxy::focusEvent ( Window win,
bool  focused 
PIpcChannel * WebAppMgrProxy::getIpcChannel ( ) const
void WebAppMgrProxy::inputEvent ( Window win,
Event *  e 
void WebAppMgrProxy::inputQKeyEvent ( Window win,
QKeyEvent *  event 
void WebAppMgrProxy::inspect ( const char *  procId)
WebAppMgrProxy * WebAppMgrProxy::instance ( void  )
std::string WebAppMgrProxy::launchBootTimeApp ( const char *  appId)
std::string WebAppMgrProxy::launchNativeApp ( const ApplicationDescription desc,
const std::string &  params,
const std::string &  launchingAppId,
const std::string &  launchingProcId,
std::string &  errMsg 
void WebAppMgrProxy::launchUrl ( const char *  url,
WindowType::Type  winType = WindowType::Type_Card,
const char *  appDesc = "",
const char *  procId = "",
const char *  params = "",
const char *  launchingAppId = "",
const char *  launchingProcId = "" 
void WebAppMgrProxy::notifyCompassEnabled ( bool  enabled)
void WebAppMgrProxy::onDisconnected ( )

Reimplemented from IpcClientHost.

void WebAppMgrProxy::onReturnedInputEvent ( const SysMgrKeyEvent &  event)

Reimplemented from IpcClientHost.

OrientationEvent::Orientation WebAppMgrProxy::orientation ( ) const
void WebAppMgrProxy::performLowMemoryActions ( const bool  allowExpensive = false)
void WebAppMgrProxy::postShutdownEvent ( )
void WebAppMgrProxy::relaunchApp ( const char *  procId,
const char *  params,
const char *  launchingAppId,
const char *  launchingProcId 
void WebAppMgrProxy::resizeEvent ( Window win,
int  newWidth,
int  newHeight,
bool  resizeBuffer = false 
void WebAppMgrProxy::resumeWebKitProcess ( )
void WebAppMgrProxy::sendAsyncMessage ( PIpcMessage *  msg)
void WebAppMgrProxy::sendQueuedMessages ( )
void WebAppMgrProxy::serviceRequestHandler_listRunningApps ( bool  includeSysApps)
void WebAppMgrProxy::setAppToLaunchUponConnection ( char *  app)
void WebAppMgrProxy::setGlobalProperties ( int  key)
void WebAppMgrProxy::setJavascriptFlags ( const char *  flags)
void WebAppMgrProxy::setOrientation ( OrientationEvent::Orientation  orient)
void WebAppMgrProxy::signalAppLaunchPreventedUnderLowMemory ( )
void WebAppMgrProxy::signalKeyEventRejected ( const SysMgrKeyEvent &  event)
void WebAppMgrProxy::signalLowMemoryActionsRequested ( bool  allowExpensive)
void WebAppMgrProxy::suspendWebKitProcess ( )
void WebAppMgrProxy::uiDimensionsChanged ( int  width,
int  height 

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