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DockModeClockWindow Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for DockModeClockWindow:
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Public Member Functions

 DockModeClockWindow (const QPixmap &, DockModeWindowManager *dm, int zValue)
virtual void paint (QPainter *painter, const QStyleOptionGraphicsItem *option, QWidget *widget)
virtual void setMaximized (bool enable)
bool sceneEvent (QEvent *event)
void resizeEvent (int w, int h)
void resizeEventSync (int w, int h)
virtual void focusEvent (bool enable)
- Public Member Functions inherited from DockModeWindow
 DockModeWindow (WindowType::Type type, HostWindowData *data, IpcClientHost *clientHost=0)
 DockModeWindow (WindowType::Type type, const QPixmap &pixmap)
virtual ~DockModeWindow ()
void setRotationAxis (bool x, bool y, bool z)
void setRotationAngle (double angle)
virtual void setPrepareAddedToWindowManager ()
virtual void setAddedToWindowManager ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from CardWindow
 CardWindow (WindowType::Type type, HostWindowData *data, IpcClientHost *clientHost=0)
virtual ~CardWindow ()
virtual QRectF boundingRect () const
void onMessageReceived (const PIpcMessage &msg)
bool fullScreen () const
bool isBlockScreenTimeout () const
bool isSubtleLightbar () const
bool activeTouchpanel () const
bool alsDisabled () const
bool gyroEvents () const
bool compassEvents () const
uint32_t overlayNotificationsPosition () const
bool suppressBannerMessages () const
bool suppressGestures () const
uint32_t dockBrightness () const
bool hasCustomStatusBarColor () const
unsigned int statusBarColor () const
virtual void inputEvent (Event *e)
virtual void resizeWindowBufferEvent (int w, int h, QRect windowScreenBounds, bool forceSync=false, bool ignoreFixedOrient=false)
virtual void flipEventSync (bool fromQueue=false)
virtual void queueUpWindowForFlip (QRect windowScreenBounds, bool sync)
virtual void queuedFlipCanceled (QRect windowScreenBounds)
virtual void flipEventAsync (QRect windowScreenBounds, bool fromQueue=false)
virtual void asynchFlipCompleted (int newWidth, int newHeight, int newScreenWidth, int newScreenHeight)
void queueFocusAction (bool focused)
void performPendingFocusAction ()
virtual void aboutToFocusEvent (bool enable)
bool focused () const
void enableShadow ()
void disableShadow ()
bool prepareAddedToWindowManager () const
bool addedToWindowManager () const
virtual void setWindowProperties (const WindowProperties &props)
bool rotationLockMaximized () const
bool allowResizeOnPositiveSpaceChange () const
void adjustForPositiveSpaceSize (int width, int height) const
virtual Event::Orientation getCardFixedOrientation ()
virtual void displayOff ()
virtual void displayDimmed ()
virtual bool isHost () const
virtual bool supportsPause () const
virtual void pause ()
bool delayPrepare ()
void stopLoadingOverlay ()
void setModalParent (CardWindow *parent)
void setCardIsModalParent (bool isParent)
bool isCardModalParent () const
void setModalAcceptInputState (ModalAcceptInputState state)
void setModalChild (CardWindow *w)
CardWindowgetModalChild () const
void setAppLaunchOptions (const AppLaunchOptionsEventWrapper &options)
const std::string & splashBackgroundName () const
void setLaunchInNewGroup (bool launchInNewGroup)
bool launchInNewGroup ()
void setPaintCompositionMode (QPainter::CompositionMode mode)
QPainterPath paintPath () const
CardWindow::Position position () const
void setPosition (const CardWindow::Position &pos)
CardGroupcardGroup () const
void setCardGroup (CardGroup *group)
bool attachedToGroup () const
void setAttachedToGroup (bool attached)
virtual bool isMaximized () const
virtual void positiveSpaceAboutToChange (const QRect &r, bool fullScreen)
virtual void positiveSpaceChanged (const QRect &r)
virtual void positiveSpaceChangeFinished (const QRect &r)
virtual void setMaxAndLoading (bool enable)
virtual bool isMaxAndLoading () const
void setBoundingRect (int width, int height)
void computeModalWindowPlacementInf (int newPosSpace)
virtual QRectF transitionBoundingRect ()
GhostCardcreateGhost ()
void allowUpdates (bool allow)
void setDimm (bool dimm)
float dimming () const
void setDimming (float dimming)
- Public Member Functions inherited from HostWindow
 HostWindow (WindowType::Type type, int width, int height, bool hasAlpha)
 HostWindow (WindowType::Type type, HostWindowData *data, IpcClientHost *clientHost=0)
virtual ~HostWindow ()
int routingId () const
bool isIpcWindow () const
void channelRemoved ()
void setClientHost (IpcClientHost *clientHost)
virtual void close ()
virtual void resizeEventSync (int w, int h, bool forceSync=false)
virtual void onDisconnected ()
virtual void onUpdateWindowRegion (int x, int y, int w, int h)
virtual void onUpdateFullWindow ()
virtual void onUpdateWindowRequest ()
void onAsynchFlipCompleted (int newWidth, int newHeight, int newScreenWidth, int newScreenHeight)
virtual const QPixmap * acquireScreenPixmap ()
virtual void setComposingText (const std::string &text)
virtual void commitComposingText ()
virtual void commitText (const std::string &text)
virtual void performEditorAction (PalmIME::FieldAction action)
virtual void removeInputFocus ()
virtual const HostWindowDatahostWindowData () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from Window
 Window (WindowType::Type type, const uint32_t bufWidth, const uint32_t bufHeight, bool hasAlpha=false)
 Window (WindowType::Type type, const QPixmap &pix)
virtual ~Window ()
virtual int type () const
virtual bool mouseGrabbed () const
virtual void setMouseGrabbed (bool grabbed)
void setName (const std::string &name)
std::string name () const
virtual void setAppId (const std::string &id)
std::string appId () const
void setProcessId (const std::string &id)
std::string processId () const
void setLaunchingAppId (const std::string &id)
std::string launchingAppId () const
void setLaunchingProcessId (const std::string &id)
std::string launchingProcessId () const
ApplicationDescriptionappDescription () const
void setRemoved ()
bool removed () const
void setDisableKeepAlive ()
bool disableKeepAlive () const
virtual void setVisibleDimensions (uint32_t width, uint32_t height)
virtual QSize getVisibleDimensions () const
virtual void resize (int w, int h)
int initialWidth () const
int initialHeight () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from InputClient
 InputClient ()
virtual bool inputFocus () const
virtual const
PalmIME::EditorState & 
inputState () const
void setInputFocus (bool focus)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from CardWindow
enum  ModalAcceptInputState { NoModalWindow = 0, ModalLaunchedNotAcceptingInput, ModalLaunchedAcceptingInput }
- Protected Types inherited from CardWindow
enum  PendingFocus { PendingFocusNone = 0, PendingFocusTrue, PendingFocusFalse }
enum  CapturedEvents { CapturedNone = 0, CapturedPen = 1 << 0, CapturedGesture = 1 << 1, CapturedInvalid = 1 << 31 }
enum  ModalCardResizeState {
  Invalid =0, CardHeightNotChanged, HeightAndPositionUnchanged, HeightUnchangedAnimatedUp,
  HeightUnchangedAnimatedDown, ReduceCardHeight, IncreaseCardHeight
enum  ParentWindowHandleEvent { ParentHandleEvent =0, ForwardEventToChild, WaitForChildToAcceptEvents }
enum  PositiveSpaceChangeNotificationState { Unknown = 0, GotPositiveSpaceAboutToChangeNotification, GotPositiveSpaceChangeNotification }
- Protected Slots inherited from CardWindow
void slotLoadingFinished ()
void slotDisplayStateChanged (int state)
virtual void slotUiRotated ()
void slotShowIME ()
void slotHideIME ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from DockModeWindow
qreal pulseOpacity () const
void setPulseOpacity (qreal opacity)
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from CardWindow
static gboolean loadingTimeout (gpointer data)
- Protected Attributes inherited from DockModeWindow
bool m_loadingOverlayEnabled
qreal m_pulseOpacity
QPixmap m_icon
QSequentialAnimationGroup m_pulseAnimation
QPropertyAnimation m_fadeAnimation
QGraphicsRotation m_rotation
QList< QGraphicsTransform * > m_transformList
bool m_nativeApp
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from DockModeWindow
static unsigned int s_dockGlowRefCount = 0
static QPixmap * s_dockGlow = 0
- Properties inherited from DockModeWindow
qreal pulseOpacity

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

DockModeClockWindow::DockModeClockWindow ( const QPixmap &  pixmap,
DockModeWindowManager dm,
int  zValue 

Member Function Documentation

void DockModeClockWindow::focusEvent ( bool  enable)

Reimplemented from CardWindow.

virtual void DockModeClockWindow::paint ( QPainter *  painter,
const QStyleOptionGraphicsItem *  option,
QWidget *  widget 

Reimplemented from DockModeWindow.

void DockModeClockWindow::resizeEvent ( int  w,
int  h 

Reimplemented from CardWindow.

void DockModeClockWindow::resizeEventSync ( int  w,
int  h 

Reimplemented from CardWindow.

bool DockModeClockWindow::sceneEvent ( QEvent event)

Reimplemented from CardWindow.

virtual void DockModeClockWindow::setMaximized ( bool  enable)

Reimplemented from DockModeWindow.

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