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PersistentWindowCache Class Reference

#include <PersistentWindowCache.h>

Public Member Functions

bool shouldPersistWindow (Window *w)
bool addWindow (Window *w)
bool removeWindow (Window *w)
bool hasWindow (Window *w)
void showWindow (Window *w)
bool hideWindow (Window *w)
std::set< Window * > * getCachedWindows ()

Static Public Member Functions

static PersistentWindowCacheinstance ()

Member Function Documentation

bool PersistentWindowCache::addWindow ( Window w)
std::set<Window*>* PersistentWindowCache::getCachedWindows ( )
bool PersistentWindowCache::hasWindow ( Window w)
bool PersistentWindowCache::hideWindow ( Window w)
PersistentWindowCache * PersistentWindowCache::instance ( void  )
bool PersistentWindowCache::removeWindow ( Window w)
bool PersistentWindowCache::shouldPersistWindow ( Window w)
void PersistentWindowCache::showWindow ( Window w)

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