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KineticScroller Class Reference

#include <KineticScroller.h>

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void scrolled (qreal oldScroll)

Public Member Functions

 KineticScroller (qreal minValue=-std::numeric_limits< qreal >::infinity(), qreal maxValue=std::numeric_limits< qreal >::infinity())
 ~KineticScroller ()
void setMaxOverscroll (qreal overscroll)
void setMinValue (qreal minValue)
void setMaxValue (qreal maxValue)
qreal scrollOffset () const
qreal getMinScrollValue () const
void scrollBy (qreal offset)
void setScrollOffset (qreal offset)
void handleFlick (qreal velocity)
void handleMouseDown ()
void handleMouseUp ()
void stopImmediately ()
void correctOverscroll ()
bool animatingFlick () const


qreal scrollOffset

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

KineticScroller::KineticScroller ( qreal  minValue = -std::numeric_limits<qreal>::infinity(),
qreal  maxValue = std::numeric_limits<qreal>::infinity() 
KineticScroller::~KineticScroller ( )

Member Function Documentation

bool KineticScroller::animatingFlick ( ) const
void KineticScroller::correctOverscroll ( )
qreal KineticScroller::getMinScrollValue ( ) const
void KineticScroller::handleFlick ( qreal  velocity)
void KineticScroller::handleMouseDown ( )
void KineticScroller::handleMouseUp ( )
void KineticScroller::scrollBy ( qreal  offset)
void KineticScroller::scrolled ( qreal  oldScroll)
qreal KineticScroller::scrollOffset ( ) const
void KineticScroller::setMaxOverscroll ( qreal  overscroll)
void KineticScroller::setMaxValue ( qreal  maxValue)
void KineticScroller::setMinValue ( qreal  minValue)
void KineticScroller::setScrollOffset ( qreal  offset)
void KineticScroller::stopImmediately ( )

Property Documentation

qreal KineticScroller::scrollOffset

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