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PixPagerAtlasPage Class Reference

#include <pixpager.h>

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Public Member Functions

 PixPagerAtlasPage (PixPager *p_pager, quint32 sizeDesignation, QHash< QUuid, PixmapRects > *p_directory=0)
virtual ~PixPagerAtlasPage ()
quint32 freeSpace () const
qreal occupancyRate () const
bool getFromFreelist (QPair< quint32, quint32 > &r_location)
bool unoccupiedLocation (QPair< quint32, quint32 > &r_location)
QRect targetRectForGridCoordinates (const QPair< quint32, quint32 > &gridCoordinates) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from PixPagerPage
 PixPagerPage (PixPager *p_pager)
virtual ~PixPagerPage ()

Public Attributes

QHash< QUuid, PixmapRectsm_directory
quint32 m_pixmapSqSize
QList< QPair< quint32, quint32 > > m_freeList
quint32 m_rows
quint32 m_columns
quint32 m_xLeadingPixelSpace
quint32 m_yLeadingPixelSpace
quint32 m_xTrailingPixelSpace
quint32 m_yTrailingPixelSpace
quint32 m_interRowPixelSpace
quint32 m_interColPixelSpace
QPair< quint32, quint32 > m_lastPositionAllocated
- Public Attributes inherited from PixPagerPage
QPointer< PixPagerm_pager
QPointer< PixmapObjectm_data
bool m_pinned
quint32 m_sizeInBytes
quint32 m_accessCounter
qreal m_accessFrequency
bool m_initiatedDelete

Static Public Attributes

static QPair< quint32, quint32 > INVALID_LOCATION

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Slots inherited from PixPagerPage
virtual void slotPixmapObjectDeleted ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

PixPagerAtlasPage::PixPagerAtlasPage ( PixPager p_pager,
quint32  sizeDesignation,
QHash< QUuid, PixmapRects > *  p_directory = 0 
PixPagerAtlasPage::~PixPagerAtlasPage ( )

Member Function Documentation

quint32 PixPagerAtlasPage::freeSpace ( ) const
bool PixPagerAtlasPage::getFromFreelist ( QPair< quint32, quint32 > &  r_location)
qreal PixPagerAtlasPage::occupancyRate ( ) const
QRect PixPagerAtlasPage::targetRectForGridCoordinates ( const QPair< quint32, quint32 > &  gridCoordinates) const
bool PixPagerAtlasPage::unoccupiedLocation ( QPair< quint32, quint32 > &  r_location)

Member Data Documentation

QPair< quint32, quint32 > PixPagerAtlasPage::INVALID_LOCATION
quint32 PixPagerAtlasPage::m_columns
QHash<QUuid,PixmapRects> PixPagerAtlasPage::m_directory
QList<QPair<quint32,quint32> > PixPagerAtlasPage::m_freeList
quint32 PixPagerAtlasPage::m_interColPixelSpace
quint32 PixPagerAtlasPage::m_interRowPixelSpace
QPair<quint32,quint32> PixPagerAtlasPage::m_lastPositionAllocated
quint32 PixPagerAtlasPage::m_pixmapSqSize
quint32 PixPagerAtlasPage::m_rows
quint32 PixPagerAtlasPage::m_xLeadingPixelSpace
quint32 PixPagerAtlasPage::m_xTrailingPixelSpace
quint32 PixPagerAtlasPage::m_yLeadingPixelSpace
quint32 PixPagerAtlasPage::m_yTrailingPixelSpace

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