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IpcServer Class Reference

#include <IpcServer.h>

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Public Member Functions

int launchNativeProcess (const std::string &appId, const char *path, char *const argv[], ApplicationDescription::Type appType, int requiredMemory=0)
int launchWebAppProcess (const std::string &appId, const char *url, const char **argv)
void suspendProcess (int pid)
void resumeProcess (int pid)
void killProcess (int pid, bool notifyUser=false)
void processRemoved (int pid, bool doCleanup=true)
void addProcessToNukeList (int pid)
void ipcClientHostQuit (IpcClientHost *client)

Static Public Member Functions

static IpcServerinstance ()

Member Function Documentation

void IpcServer::addProcessToNukeList ( int  pid)
IpcServer * IpcServer::instance ( void  )
void IpcServer::ipcClientHostQuit ( IpcClientHost client)
void IpcServer::killProcess ( int  pid,
bool  notifyUser = false 
int IpcServer::launchNativeProcess ( const std::string &  appId,
const char *  path,
char *const  argv[],
ApplicationDescription::Type  appType,
int  requiredMemory = 0 
int IpcServer::launchWebAppProcess ( const std::string &  appId,
const char *  url,
const char **  argv 
void IpcServer::processRemoved ( int  pid,
bool  doCleanup = true 
void IpcServer::resumeProcess ( int  pid)
void IpcServer::suspendProcess ( int  pid)

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