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PixButtonSimple Class Reference

#include <pixbuttonsimple.h>

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Public Member Functions

 PixButtonSimple (PixmapObject *p_pix)
 PixButtonSimple (PixmapObject *p_pix, const QSize &hitAreaSize)
virtual ~PixButtonSimple ()
virtual void commonCtor ()
virtual void paint (QPainter *painter, const QStyleOptionGraphicsItem *option=0, QWidget *widget=0)
virtual void paintOffscreen (PixmapObject *p_pix)
virtual bool valid ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from PixButton
 PixButton (const QRectF &buttonGeometry)
virtual ~PixButton ()
virtual bool resize (const QSize &s)
virtual bool resize (quint32 newWidth, quint32 newHeight)
virtual void paintOffscreen (QPainter *painter)
virtual void setLabel (const QString &v)
virtual void setLabel (const QString &v, quint32 fontSizePx)
virtual void setLabelVerticalAdjust (qint32 adjustPx)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ThingPaintable
 ThingPaintable (const QRectF &geom)
virtual ~ThingPaintable ()
virtual QString readUiState () const
virtual void writeUiState (const QString &s)
virtual void resetUiState ()
virtual QRectF geometry () const
virtual QRectF positionRelativeGeometry () const
virtual QRectF untranslateFromPosition (const QRectF &rect) const
virtual QRectF boundingRect () const
virtual void paint (QPainter *painter, const QRectF &sourceRect)
virtual void paint (QPainter *painter, const QRectF &sourceRect, qint32 renderOpt)
virtual void paint (QPainter *painter, const QRectF &sourceRect, const QPointF &painterTranslate)
virtual void paint (QPainter *painter, const QRectF &sourceRect, const QPointF &painterTranslate, qint32 renderOpt)
virtual void paintOffscreen (QPainter *painter, const QRect &sourceRect, const QPoint &targetOrigin)
virtual void paintOffscreen (QPainter *painter, const QRect &sourceRect, const QRect &targetRect)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Thing
 Thing ()
virtual ~Thing ()
virtual QUuid uid () const
virtual bool offer (Thing *p_offer, Thing *p_offeringThing)
virtual bool take (Thing *p_takerThing)
virtual bool taking (Thing *p_victimThing, Thing *p_takerThing)
virtual void taken (Thing *p_takenThing, Thing *p_takerThing)
virtual uint hashValue () const
virtual void touchTrackedPointStarted (int id, const QPointF &scenePosition, const QPointF &lastScenePosition, const QPointF &initialPosition)
virtual void touchTrackedPointMoved (int id, const QPointF &scenePosition, const QPointF &lastScenePosition, const QPointF &initialPosition)
virtual void touchTrackedPointReleased (int id, const QPointF &scenePosition, const QPointF &lastScenePosition, const QPointF &initialPosition)
virtual void redirectTouchPrepare (Thing *p_sourceThing, const TouchRegister &touchRegister, int contextHint=0)
virtual void redirectedTouchTrackedPointMoved (Thing *p_sourceThing, int id, const QPointF &scenePosition, const QPointF &lastScenePosition, const QPointF &initialPosition, const RedirectContext &redirContext)
virtual void redirectedTouchTrackedPointReleased (Thing *p_sourceThing, int id, const QPointF &scenePosition, const QPointF &lastScenePosition, const QPointF &initialPosition, const RedirectContext &redirContext)

Protected Attributes

QPointer< PixmapObjectm_qp_pix
bool m_valid
QPointer< PixButtonExtraHitAream_qp_hitArea
- Protected Attributes inherited from PixButton
bool m_trackingTouch
qint32 m_trackingTouchId
qint32 m_touchCount
QString m_label
QFont m_textFont
QColor m_selectedColor
QColor m_unselectedColor
QTextLayout m_textLayoutObject
qint32 m_labelVerticalAdjust
QPointF m_labelPosICS
QPoint m_labelPosPntCS
QRect m_labelMaxGeom
QRect m_labelGeom
- Protected Attributes inherited from ThingPaintable
QRectF m_geom
QRectF m_boundingRect
QString m_uiState
- Protected Attributes inherited from Thing
QPointer< Thingm_qp_takerOwner

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Slots inherited from Thing
virtual void slotEnableIconAutoRepaint ()
virtual void slotDisableIconAutoRepaint ()
- Signals inherited from PixButton
void signalFirstContact ()
void signalContact ()
void signalRelease ()
void signalLastRelease ()
void signalCancel ()
void signalActivated ()
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from ThingPaintable
static bool isItemThingPaintable (QGraphicsItem *p_qgitem)
static ThingPaintablethingpaintable_cast (QGraphicsItem *p_qgitem)
- Static Public Attributes inherited from ThingPaintable
static int MagicTypePropertyKey = 1111
static int MagicTypePropertyValue = 2222
- Protected Member Functions inherited from PixButton
virtual void mousePressEvent (QGraphicsSceneMouseEvent *event)
virtual void mouseMoveEvent (QGraphicsSceneMouseEvent *event)
virtual void mouseReleaseEvent (QGraphicsSceneMouseEvent *event)
virtual bool touchStartEvent (QTouchEvent *event)
virtual bool touchUpdateEvent (QTouchEvent *event)
virtual bool touchEndEvent (QTouchEvent *event)
virtual bool sceneEvent (QEvent *event)
virtual bool tapAndHoldGesture (QTapAndHoldGesture *tapHoldEvent)
virtual bool tapGesture (QTapGesture *tapEvent)
virtual bool customGesture (QGesture *customGesture)
virtual bool panGesture (QPanGesture *panEvent)
virtual bool swipeGesture (QSwipeGesture *swipeEvent)
virtual bool flickGesture (FlickGesture *flickEvent)
virtual bool pinchGesture (QPinchGesture *pinchEvent)
virtual void recalculateLabelBoundsForCurrentGeom ()
virtual void redoLabelTextLayout ()
virtual void recalculateLabelPosition ()
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from PixButton
static QFont staticLabelFontForButtons ()
- Properties inherited from ThingPaintable
QString uistate
QPointF animatePosition

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

PixButtonSimple::PixButtonSimple ( PixmapObject p_pix)
PixButtonSimple::PixButtonSimple ( PixmapObject p_pix,
const QSize &  hitAreaSize 
PixButtonSimple::~PixButtonSimple ( )

Member Function Documentation

void PixButtonSimple::commonCtor ( )
void PixButtonSimple::paint ( QPainter *  painter,
const QStyleOptionGraphicsItem *  option = 0,
QWidget *  widget = 0 

Reimplemented from PixButton.

void PixButtonSimple::paintOffscreen ( PixmapObject p_pix)
bool PixButtonSimple::valid ( )

Reimplemented from PixButton.

Member Data Documentation

QPointer<PixButtonExtraHitArea> PixButtonSimple::m_qp_hitArea
QPointer<PixmapObject> PixButtonSimple::m_qp_pix
bool PixButtonSimple::m_valid

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