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Pre_Keyboard::PreKeymap::LayoutFamily Struct Reference

#include <PreKeymap.h>

Collaboration diagram for Pre_Keyboard::PreKeymap::LayoutFamily:

Public Member Functions

 LayoutFamily (const char *name, const char *defaultLanguage, uint16_t primaryID, uint16_t secondaryID, Layout *layout)
const WKeywkey (int x, int y) const
WKeywritable_wkey (int x, int y) const
UKey key (int x, int y, ELayoutPage page) const
float weight (int x, int y) const

Static Public Member Functions

static const LayoutFamilyfindLayoutFamily (const char *name, bool returnNullNotDefaultIfNotFound=true)

Public Attributes

const char * m_name
const char * m_defaultLanguage
uint16_t m_primaryID
uint16_t m_secondaryID
const LayoutFamilym_nextFamily

Static Public Attributes

static const LayoutFamilys_firstFamily = NULL

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Pre_Keyboard::PreKeymap::LayoutFamily::LayoutFamily ( const char *  name,
const char *  defaultLanguage,
uint16_t  primaryID,
uint16_t  secondaryID,
Layout layout 

Member Function Documentation

const PreKeymap::LayoutFamily * Pre_Keyboard::PreKeymap::LayoutFamily::findLayoutFamily ( const char *  name,
bool  returnNullNotDefaultIfNotFound = true 
UKey Pre_Keyboard::PreKeymap::LayoutFamily::key ( int  x,
int  y,
ELayoutPage  page 
) const
float Pre_Keyboard::PreKeymap::LayoutFamily::weight ( int  x,
int  y 
) const
const WKey& Pre_Keyboard::PreKeymap::LayoutFamily::wkey ( int  x,
int  y 
) const
WKey& Pre_Keyboard::PreKeymap::LayoutFamily::writable_wkey ( int  x,
int  y 
) const

Member Data Documentation

const char* Pre_Keyboard::PreKeymap::LayoutFamily::m_defaultLanguage
Layout* Pre_Keyboard::PreKeymap::LayoutFamily::m_layout
const char* Pre_Keyboard::PreKeymap::LayoutFamily::m_name
const LayoutFamily* Pre_Keyboard::PreKeymap::LayoutFamily::m_nextFamily
uint16_t Pre_Keyboard::PreKeymap::LayoutFamily::m_primaryID
uint16_t Pre_Keyboard::PreKeymap::LayoutFamily::m_secondaryID
const PreKeymap::LayoutFamily * Pre_Keyboard::PreKeymap::LayoutFamily::s_firstFamily = NULL

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